The 10th Annual Seaway Valley Fall Classic Underwater Hockey Tournament

September 27th – September 28th, 2019

The 10th Annual Seaway Valley Fall Classic Underwater Hockey Tournament

OUR TOURNAMENT IS CUGA SANCTIONED. All players must be CUGA members.

You and your club are invited to participate in our 10th Annual Seaway Valley Fall Classic UWH Tournament at the Aquatic Centre overlooking the beautiful St-Lawrence River in Cornwall, Ontario. This is a one day fun team event open to all players. We’ve relocated to Cornwall’s Aquatic Centre which is a great facility with a large, clean pool (oh, and a huge hot tub!). We have also moved Saturday night’s banquet to the Best Western Parkway Inn and Conference Centre where there’s great food and friendly, professional staff. We suggest you take advantage of the beautiful accommodations at the Best Western.

Friday, September 27th (optional):

For those of you who arrive early, we encourage you to join in on the Cornwall Club’s regular Friday night practice at the tournament pool, the Aquatic Centre. This will be a mini pot-luck style tournament where you get a chance to meet and play with members of the host team and other players and then socialize over some drinks and munchies afterward. The option to register and pay for this game is in the payment option on this website, it will cost $15.00 per person and it is from 8:30PM to 10:30PM. If you expect to be slightly late for this pot-luck style tournament, please let the organizers know at so teams can be planned accordingly ahead of time.

Saturday, September 28th:

Team captains will receive Captain’s Notes and a Schedule via email prior to tournament. Notes and Schedule will be posted poolside on day of tournament. The first match starts at 8:00AM and last one should end at around 6:30PM.

The buffet-style banquet will begin at 7:00PM in the Seaway Room at the Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre which will be prepared and served by their professional catering staff. Here we’ll be announcing the winner of our ninth annual tournament and presenting them with the Ron MacDonald Cup (no… not the clown), who many of you know as the founding member of our club.


The tournament will be a round-robin style event only… which means no playoffs! This format will even out everyone’s playing time and hopefully give a chance for each team to play against the other. The team with the most wins at the end of the round-robin will be declared the winner.

Teams will consist of 6 players in the water with a maximum of 12 players per team. A win is 2 points, a tie 1 point, losses are 0 points and forfeit will cost your team 3 points. If there happens to be a tie in the calculations then the team with the least number of goals against will be higher ranked (no need to ramp up the score during this friendly tournament!). Players are expected to bring proper mouth protection and head gear and ensure their fins are respecting regulations (no sharp edges).

The pool is a 6-lane 25 meter tank with good visibility. It has large ceramic tiles and a good slope in the middle... expect fast paced games! We will also schedule teams that are not in play to assign 2 water referees for each game. The host club will provide a deck ref and timekeepers.

Please Note: In order keep this event's playing time consistent for everyone, we are limited to 8 teams so register early! Clubs can send more than one team if they wish but as there are no separate A and B divisions, we ask that you please try to make them as well balanced as possible with both A and B players.

If time permits, we will try to once again schedule a women's and men’s only exhibition games. A list will be posted at the registration desk and players can register throughout the day.


For those of you planning to spend a night or two, we encourage you to please take advantage of the accommodations at the Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre and the special rates offered to participants: One Queen bedroom is $140 and two Queen bedroom is $146. Price includes a hot breakfast buffet, free parking and free wi-fi. These rates are based on 2 people. It’s $10 extra per person per room.

There are guaranteed rooms blocked for this event until September 13th so please book early since rates will then be based on availability. You must call 1-800-874-2595 to make reservations.

On the Side

In between matches there are many things that are accessible for you to do:

  • Relax in the on-site hot tub
  • Enjoy a bite to eat in the Fiesta Room provided by the host club
  • Visit the Cornwall Square shopping Centre located directly across the pool facility
  • Take a stroll by the Riverfront, the Marina, or the Lamoureux Park

For those of you with families looking for stuff to do in the Cornwall area, we suggest that you to take a scenic drive along the St-Lawrence Seaway to visit Upper Canada Village.

As Cornwall, Ontario is easy trip from just about anywhere (we are off the 401 HWY, on the Quebec border with a bridge to the USA), we’ll formally invite everyone we can think of within a 10 hour drive radius. We hope to have a well rounded turn-out from teams throughout Ontario, Quebec and North-Eastern U.S.A.


Rates in Canadian funds for the tournament:

Per Player on or before September 1st, 2019

  • $55 for the tournament
  • $30 for the banquet
  • $15 for the Friday Night Game

Per Player on or after September 2nd, 2019

  • $60 for the tournament
  • $30 for the banquet
  • $15 for the Friday Night Game

Participation to the Seaway Valley Fall Classic can be paid by the following methods:

  1. On-line via PayPal. Purchases through PayPal can be made with the ‘Buy Now’ button above. Please print transaction page as proof of purchase. As there are no physical tickets. Refunds will not be issued, but tickets can be transferred to another participant.
  2. By E-Transfer to with a separate email indicating your full name, team name, what you are paying for, and security code to accept payment
  3. Mail a check payable to:
    • Sophie Gosse
    • 6660 Lawrence St.
    • Glen Walter, Ontario  K6H 5R5
      • • Please mention ‘Seaway Valley Fall Classic’ in memo. Cash (with information… see below) mailed to this address will be accepted as well. Please provide us with an e-mail address or fax number so that we can send you proof of purchase.
  4. In person at our pool side registration table, but you will miss the dead-line for reduced pricing.

Please note: If you are paying for yourself, please provide us with, contact information as well as the club/city you’ll be playing with. If you are paying on behalf of a team, please fill out a registration form indicating your club name and city as well as all the player’s names, and a club contact number. Anyone who wishes to participate in this event solely as a referee, scorekeeper or volunteer would not have to pay the tournament fee but you should inform us of your participation ahead of time. If you are registering as a single player in need of a team to play on, please mention this and we’ll find a club to place you with.

If you have any other questions, contact Sophie Gosse at or Julie Herman at

Thank you for considering our event!

About Our Club

The Cornwall Underwater Hockey Club was founded by Ron MacDonald in 1969. Earning a reputation as a group who knew how to play hard and party even harder, this club has participated in numerous annual tournaments throughout the years and were four time champions of the Canadian Nationals mixed division. At one point, they had so many attendees in the 80's, that they even created a scheduled league of 4 teams that had 10 players each.

The Cornwall Club at the Kinsmen Pool, cira early 90’s

The Cornwall Club at the Kinsmen Pool, cira early 90’s

The club began its days playing at the old Kinsmen Centre on Fifth Street until the mid nineties where they moved their weekly games to the NAV CENTRE. These days, the club calls the Cornwall Aquatic Centre their home. They play Wednesdays at 8:30PM to 10:00PM year round and traditionally host a fun matinee game on Boxing Day. Notable senior members of the club are Ron MacDonald (longest active player in Canada, since 1969), Hubert Cardinal (member since 1974), Veronique Seguin (member of the Canadian Women's Elite team 2006–2012 and current Canadian Chief Referee), John Campbell (member of the 2006 Canadian Masters Team, UK) as well as Eric Cardinal (member of the Canadian Men’s Elite team 2012–2016) and Casey and Kenzie Quesnel (members of the Canadian Junior Teams 2015). Other members include Pastel Andress (Women’s Elite 1996, 1998 and Women’s Masters 2016, 2018), Julie Herman (Women’s Masters 2016, 2018), Sam Mainville (U23 Men’s Team 2017), Alex Mesman (Elite Men 2018) and Sophie Gosse (Women’s Masters 2016).

The Seaway Valley Fall Classic is their first tournament since the mid-80’s and with your support will continue for years to come.

Cornwall Club at London, Ontario Tournament, 1985 Cornwall and friends composite game Boxing Day 2014 at the Cornwall Aquatic Center.

Cornwall and friends composite game Boxing Day 2014 at the Cornwall Aquatic Center.

Event Results


1st CAMO
2nd Yorksher
3rd Cornwall Nautilus
4th Toronto
5th Guelfish
6th Les Licornes de Mer
7th GOR

8th U19 Mini Men


1st Montreal CAMO
2nd QC Avengers
3rd York
4th Cornwall Nautilus
5th Toronto
6th Sherbrooke
7th GO-HSA


1st CAMO-Elite
2nd Mix Mania QC
3rd York
4th Nautilus Cornwall
5th Toronto Raccoon
6th Londouski
7th Young and Restless (GO)
8th GO-OLD


1st Ottawa Metro-Central
2nd Toronto Tentacles
3rd Cornwall Nautilus
4th Les Gros Poissons Qc
5th Gatineau-Ottawa


1st Camo Lightning
2nd GTA Yang
3rd Ottawa MC
4th Camo Thunder
5th GTA Yin
6th Cornwall Divers
7th Cornwall Nautilus
8th Les Gros Poissons
9th GTA Sirens
10th Go Fish


1st Place: Camo Elite
2nd York
3rd Les Royales
4th Go-Fish
5th Camo Kick-Ass
6th Nautilus Cornwall
7th Toronto
8th Go-Girls


1st Place: Montreal
2nd Quebec City
3rd Cornwall Nautilus
4th Yorbrooke
5th Go-Men
6th Go-Girls
7th Seaway Divers


1st Place: Montreal
2nd Cornwall
3rd Sherbrooke
4th Quebec
5th York
6th New Jersey
7th Go-Men
8th Go-Girls


1st Place: Montreal
2nd Place: Quebec City
3rd Place: New Jersey
4th York
5th GO-Men
6th Cornwall
7th GO-Girls


Registration for 2019 is open!

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Saturday, September 28, 2019
Aquatic Centre
100 Water St East
Cornwall, ON

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